Seal-Guard® Metal Rod Wipers

Seal-Guard® metal rod wipers for hydraulic cylinders are ideal for use wherever round shafts slide in closely fitted housings. They come in a wide variety of sizes to meet all your requirements. Each Seal-Guard® contains two staggered wear compensated flexible brass or bronze rings encased in a synthetic rubber cushion. The cushion ring absorbs side loads and, under compression, exerts a steady inward force to keep the conical surfaces of both metal rings in full circular contact with the rod. The knife edges of these specially slotted metal rings effectively lift or shave all foreign materials off the surface of the cylinder rod.

Seal-Guards® are self-adjusting and create very little friction. They seldom require replacement, and are simple to install. Use of Buna-N cushions and brass or bronze wiper rings permits Seal-Guards® to operate at temperatures ranging from -45°F to +250°F.

The most common installation method requires no retainers. Simply install the two metal rings so that the slots do not match. Push one side of the rubber cushion into the counterbore with a dull tool and repeat at intervals until cushion is completely seated under the rim. Lubricant may be used if desired. See Figure 1.

In Figure 2 a cover plate is bolted or screwed into place to retain the Seal-Guard®. The assembly is the same as Figure 1 in other respects. Cover plates are used only for large sizes or unusual requirements, and are not supplied.

Alternate Methods
Figure 3 and 4 show two alternative installation methods using round wire retaining rings or commercial snap rings.

Available Sizes
Valley Precision Seal supplies Seal-Guard® Metal Rod Wipers up to 40" in diameter.