Oil Seals

Rotary applications are a whirl, VPS oil seals can be found in all segments of industry including heavy construction, power train, auto racing, or in anything that spins where a seal needs to be maintained.

Valley Precision Seal can supply virtually any type of oil seal. Whether you need a metric or inch size fit, double-lip, single-lip, spring energized or not, metal encased, rubber coated, ground OD or coated OD, internal or external design, VPS can meet your requirements. Many seal lip materials are available including Nitrile, Polyacylate, Silicon, Teflon or Viton. They can also be supplied with your choice of carbon steel or stainless steel springs and cases.

Valley Precision Seal has a multitude of different types of seals in stock. VPS also custom engineers seals to meet your demanding applications. With many years of oil seal design and engineering, VPS is capable of supplying oil seals to meet your specific sealing needs no matter how demanding the application.

Valley Precision Seal is currently supplying oil seals to the following industries: auto racing, material handling, construction equipment, pumps, and many more. With vast expertise, VPS is not only able to supply the simplest standard oil seals, but also help in the design of oil seals in new more demanding product design projects. Many significant VPS partners have that much realized reliance in Valley Precision Seal, you will too!

When purchasing an oil seal from Valley Precision Seal, you can customize your seal with your part number on the seal itself. Also, there are many color choices for the OD seal color. If you would like the oil seal painted with a certain color or simply have the OD ground, VPS will work with you to get the look and fit you desire or differentiate a material or application to meet your most demanding needs.

When Valley Precision Seal prepares an order your seals will be packaged carefully. VPS ships your oil seals in coin pack sleeves at your requested quantity. The coin packs will list your part number and quantity per sleeve for easy reference and inventory control.

For further information on our oil seal program, please contact a problem solving professional VPS team member at 1-800-394-2091, or a fax your request for quote to 1-800-269-1373.

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Well oiled and sealed, precisely – VPS is your answer.