Single and Double Acting Piston Cup seals are used on rams or plungers in both hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Homogeneous Piston Cups are typically used in low pressure applications (under 150 PSI) for service in pneumatic, hydraulic fluids, & water. VPS offers a line of one-piece double acting piston cups that replace multi-part assemblies. Homogeneous rubber is bonded to a metal disc, only one part is required-the most practical piston cup available. These are designed for pneumatic or low pressure hydraulic applications. Double Acting Piston Cups are a popular product formerly manufactured by the Chicago-Allis Company. Double Acting Piston Cups are still available from VPS. You can count on VPS to get you the Double Acting Piston Cups for your application.

Double Acting Piston Cups are available in a wide range of sizes. They're made of NBR (Nitrile) and Carbon Steel. VPS offers great pricing—Click for More information. Call today for a quote or to place your order: 800-394-2091.