Seal Kits

Whether you are a major plumbing supply house needing seal kits for leaky faucets or a major OEM supporting your very own aftermarket, VPS has the parts bag or box, the custom labeling and the contents for you. For seal kits, with VPS is all about the quality after all that’s what’s in the kit. That is precisely why VPS team members are constantly at work here in the United States carefully packaging every kit you and your customers count on. No misses, no missing parts, no additional downtime. Choose the VPS seal kit program for all your field service kit and kitting needs.
At Valley Precision Seal, seal kits are a considerable part of the VPS comprehensive product line. With absolute ability to identify, resource and engineer your seal kits you will have the best results with a VPS supplied kit. Contact us to discuss your application and seal kit expectations. We will present an exact duplicate or alternative seal designs and materials to enhance your seal kit products offering and all at a cost you won’t oppose.

One of our primary goals is to provide you, our customer, with a cost-savings over your current source. VPS currently produces seal kits for the OE aftermarket in the following industries: fork lifts, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive lifts, plumbing, FDA applications, underwater camera housings, soft serve ice cream machines and more.

VPS will not only provide a quality packaged seal kit with your part number and company name on the bag, but VPS will also stock the required components for immediate availability of completed seal kits or seal components for your company.
Not only do we build standard hydraulic seal kits, we also have sources for your non standard seal kit components such as machined parts in steel, plastic and Teflon materials, special molded rubber and plastic parts, as well as many types of gaskets and materials.

Whether you require an inch or metric sized seal kit, Valley Precision Seal will be able to identify, cost and quickly submit a cost-savings proposal. The proposal you want and not the one someone else expects you to accept. VPS is your seal kit saver.

For further information on our seal kit production or to request a quote, please contact us via our website or call our professional sales team at 1-800-394-2091. You can also fax us at 1-800-269-1373. Please include a print or bill of material of your required kit when inquiring via fax or submit your sample seal kit via UPS, along with your estimated annual use and typical order quantities.

VPS will stock your seal kits in the closest logically beneficial warehouse.

Put VPS Baltimore, Chicago or Los Angeles to work for you everyday.

VPS is your real seal answer...