Kalrez O-Rings or Equivalent

Kalrez o-rings, also known as perfluoroelastomer or FFKM o-rings, are the preferred solution for demanding applications, especially working with chemicals or high temperatures. Choose between many different Kalrez compounds—standards such as Kalrez 4079, Kalrez 6375 or Kalrez 7075 and also specialty compounds. VPS will work with you to get the right seal solution for your equipment.

Kalrez is available in many different compounds including:

  • Kalrez 0040
  • Kalrez 0090
  • Kalrez 1050LF
  • Kalrez 1058
  • Kalrez 1058LF
  • Kalrez 2037UP
  • Kalrez 3018
  • Kalrez 3065
  • Kalrez 4079
  • Kalrez 6221
  • Kalrez 6230
  • Kalrez 6375
  • Kalrez 6375UP
  • Kalrez 6380
  • Kalrez 7075
  • Kalrez 7075UP
  • Kalrez 8002
  • Kalrez 8085
  • Kalrez 8475
  • Kalrez 8575
  • Kalrez 8900
  • Kalrez 9100
  • Kalrez 9300
  • Kalrez 9500
  • and More

VPS goes one step further and offers both name brand Kalrez by DuPont and also budget-friendly equivalents to Kalrez. No matter whether you prefer Kalrez by DuPont or an equivalent to Kalrez o-rings, VPS will supply you with the o-ring seals you need at an amazing price. VPS will help you save money for your equipment, while still offering the top quality you expect. Call now for a quote — 800-394-2091

To VPS, customer service is important and we'll work with you to quickly get you Kalrez seals you need at a great price. Whether you're an equipment manufacturer putting Kalrez o-rings in your new equipment, or needing replacement seals and seal kits, VPS does it all and will be your partner in the process. If you need Kalrez 4079, Kalrez 6375, Kalrez 7075 or another Kalrez compound, we're ready to work with you to get the best price Kalrez or Kalrez-equivalent seals.

VPS is a large supplier to many industries including automotive, auto racing, nuclear energy, chemical processing, oil / gas / petroleum / fuels, garbage truck and compaction, military, and many more.

Call VPS today at 800-394-2091 to discuss your sealing and manufacturing needs. We've got the solution.

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