Yes from leather to today’s most synthetic marvels, VPS meets the static applications in the sealing industry with the most correct materials and professional attention to details. From blast furnace door gaskets to valve cover gaskets and water treatment valve flange gaskets to transmission gaskets VPS can do it all.

Valley Precision Seal die cuts gaskets to customer specifications. Our gasket cutting department provides gaskets from one piece to thousands. Let the VPS sales team and gasket production department fill your needed requirement. Most of our gaskets are cut per our customers blanket orders on a monthly basis. With this system in place you can place an order with Valley Precision Seal based on your monthly or bi-monthly usage, confident that you will have your gaskets when you require them. We currently deal with several standard materials such as: compressed non-asbestos, cork, vegetable fiber, polyethylene, and sponge. Some of the non-standard materials we are cutting are Grafoil and Mylar. Our thickness capabilities range anywhere from 1/64" to ¼", depending on the material required.

Although die cut gaskets are a large part of our operation, our cutting capabilities do not stop there. Valley Precision Seal also offers extrusions either cut-to-length, cold-spiced or vulcanized. Materials include: all types of Braided Packing, Nitrile Extrusion, Urethane extrusion, EPDM extrusion, and more.

Whatever your cut to length need may be, Valley Precision Seals is here to make sure the job gets done right the first time, every time!

For further information on our cutting capabilities, contact our sales team at-1-800-394-2091 or a faxed request for quote may be sent to 1-800-269-1373. For any die cut gaskets or cut to length extrusions, please include a print or sample of your gasket or extrusion for quoting purposes.