Welcome to Valley Precision Seal, LLC.

If you use oil seals, gaskets, or hydraulic or pneumatic seals in production or seal repair kit applications, Valley Precision Seal (VPS) should be on your speed dial.

VPS provides a centralized sales and engineering focus from our headquarters and a nationwide logistics approach with multiple warehouses for those who wish for the ultimate continuity and support from a supplier. Because we have the financial capability to inventory large amounts of products for you in any one of our three warehouses, our service and deliveries remain unmatched. From the center of the country to both coasts, we can cover your most inventory specific strategic needs. Utilizing at your option any one or all of our warehouses in Baltimore, Chicago or Los Angeles means you can cut freight costs and delivery times in an unmatched, cost-saving fashion.

Many major players in industry lean heavily on VPS as their trusted seal and packing supplier, you should too. From oil seals to rod wipers and gaskets to vee packing and loaded lip seals to huva cups we continue in our founder’s footsteps. Spanning decades of service to the hydraulics industry, a commitment to quality and professionalism isn’t something uttered as a slogan -- it’s Standard Operating Procedure.

The next time you need a new, once and for all; solid supplier for hydraulic and pneumatic seals will be your last time. Let the people at VPS shine – for you.

Contact us immediately to put team VPS to work for immediate results.

  • Oil Seals
  • Seal Kits
  • Gaskets
  • Custom Molded Products
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals
  • Engineering Problem Solving Skills

Custom Application and Design, including your everyday seal needs, means one source for all occasions. For everything your company counts on in a seal supplier – there is only one company. VPS is your answer. Precisely, Valley Precision Seal.